30 Minutes Meditation Every Day will change your life. Proven. Louise Hay


Nowadays, the benefits of meditation are proven. Science finally approves the fact that meditation is not a “new age” fashion or a useless alternative therapy.

After years of study and experiences, we all know that meditation can be really used to relax, help in case of depression, stress, anxiety and even in pain therapy. There are a lot of techniques and guru, a lot of guided meditation, a lot of books and a lot of places, but often, to start, you don’t need much more than a room and some silence. Meditation can be simple: watch your thoughts as they appear. Don’t judge them, don’t try to solve anything, just watch them and say: ok. Be aware of your thoughts is already a big step, so if you want to limit them, you can start focusing on your breath, and as a thought comes, you say again: ok and then you let it go, focusing again on your breathing. And so on, you will see, it’ll become a part of you, and you will meditate in every situation, being calm and a better person.

So let’s check a short list of medical benefits of meditation, because as said at the beginning, meditation is also healing your body and brain.

Improve immune system and energy level

Improve breathing and heart rates

Reduces blood pressure

Lessens heart and brain problems

Lessens inflammatory disorders and asthma

Lessens prementrual and menopausal syndrome

Helps prevent Arthritis, Fibromyalgia and HIV.

And that is medical, then there are a lot more advantages for emotional stability, brain improvement and positive thinking developpement. You can see a nice infographic on meditation benefits here

So, to start, you don’t need anything, just a little bit of calm and ten minutes. Start with ten minutes every day, and then it will be easier and easier and you will see the results in a few months.

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