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In this world, money are the thing that enslaves us. But what if we try to earn them without losing our entire life?

The cheapest Exchange Plateforms to trade and invest in stock market

The net is a big place, and researches are often hard.

A lot of choices, a lot of alternatives and that’s the good news.
But also a lot of scams and misinformation and that’s the hard part.

So we’ve been around for a while and we checked several stock market exchange, to understand where we can start exchange stocks once we decided to invest.

The role of the broker can make the difference at the end of the day. If it’s fast, fees are low, graphs are clear.

In Europe, we find this broker: DeGiro.
Is not the only one that’s interesting but it’s the less expensive and one of the clearest. Maybe its charts are not enough detailed for whom the scalping is “the technique” , but you can still use an external software or website to make your technical analysis such as TradingView
Back to the price, on the European market the fees are 0,04€ and if you buy something of the American Market is around 0,50€.
Pretty good.

For US citizen, Fidelity is one of the cheapest: 4,95$ per option trade.
Both of them are very used and safe, and the operate on a loads of products:  international stocks, mutual funds, options, bonds and ETFs, CFD, PEA.

Don’t go TRADEZERO, is cheap but customer service is not helping and platforms are often not working. They don’t support iOS neither.   And is offshore, better not to risk.

Anyway, before you start, study a lot and understand what you are doing and what you are buying. Manage your risks your risks with stop loss order and take profit before is too late.

Becoming free and indipendent with bitcoin and cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency, a real deal?

We’re often reading about Bitcoin, the big one in the crypto world, that’s going up and down, from 1000 dollars to 20.000, then back to 6000.

A lot of people get rich, a lot of people not. They lose money.

So before you start to invest, there are a couple of things to know:
Crypto are not like actions, they are worst. They are not linked to the value of the company, they just move and trend according to news and big whales investments and tv people talking about it.
So if you want to trade, it will be hard.

If you want to invest on the longterm, then you HAVE to know what you’re buying. Cryptomoney are technology, so you got to learn about the project that lies behind and then support it. And then wait.

How to buy Bitcoin and altcoins?

You decide to become free with bitcoin and you want to buy it?
The easiest way to buy Crytpocoin with Euros or Dollars is going on COINBASE.  
On this platform you can easily buy the most important crypto at the moment: bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and bitcoin cash. With time, other crypto will change or will be added.

Then, if you want to buy some other cryptos you can send some of them on another platform, one of the easiest and safest is BINANCE.

There you’ll find a lot of altcoins, and you can learn trading. I suggest this one for 2 reasons.
1 there are a lot of youtube video on how to trade on this platform
2 if you buy some of their coins the BNB, you will reduce your fees of 50%, and it’s not bad.

Third thing to do, a wallet. As your wallet, or your bank account, you want to keep your cryptocurreny in a place hacker free, and sometimes exchanges platforms are not that kind of place.

So the 2 common choise are online wallets and offline wallets.

The most used offline wallet is a kind of usb key, with a little screen that keep your cryptos away from the net and its dangers, is the Ledger Nano Wallet.
We recommend to buy it on the main website to avoid scams.

The fourth thing to do is to daily check the site:
It’s delivering the price and the volume of all the alt coin on the market, a very useful tool when you want to buy and sell cryptos.

So now, for every thing that we wrote, go study and learn as much as possible, because easy money are not yet been created.