Lemon water everyday can save your life.

Water lemon, so simple so good!

Did you know that a little bit of water with lemon can be really healthy?

Water, not cold, not very warm. Lemon, a fresh one.

You can detox your body and your stomach with a simple behavior. Do that every morning and you will dramatically
make you an healthier person!
It supplies a dose of vitamin C. Vitamin C protect us from cell damage and repair injury.
Prevent oxidation: thanks to phytonutrients, we are protected from the inside.
It provides potassium, one of the most important mineral.
Our body needs potassium for the nerve-muscle communication and can regulate the effects of salt on blood pressure. Often depression and anxiety are linked to not having enough potassium in our body.
Lemon water helps you to get hydrated and detox your stomach. When your urine will be almost clear, you are drinking enough!

It also revitalize your skin balancing the pH of your body. Even if it’s acid, inside our body it acts like an alkalizer.
An environment that is rich with alkaline is more difficult for a cancer to attack.

So you can see that a simple routine like having a glass of lemon water can boost your immune system, flush out the toxins in your body by enhancing enzyme function, reduces inflammation, help you to lose weight if your are willing you and gives you an energy boost!

It can replace caffeine that kills serotonine.



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    Thanks for the wonderful guide

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