Louise Hay – Positive Affirmations will heal you

You already know Louise Hay and her books, that’s why you’re here.
Or, you were searching for something to help you in a hard moment.

Louise Hay will speak to you in an incredible way, fixing in your brain the affirmations that can change the way you think.

Every time that you think, you’re shaping your brain and your creating your future, so the best way to live is to think about beautiful things!

Only being positive and shaping your brain with positive thoughts, you can trasnform your thoughts in actions, and make life a beautiful journey.

We always have something going on in our mind, so it’s important to learn one thing: we can control our thoughts and make them turn in positive thoughts.

It takes a little while, but it works and positive affirmations are a good way to reach this goal. Repeat them over and over, until they become part of your

daily thinking. Positive actions will follow and positive things will happen to you without asking.

That’s the miracle of positive thinking. Is not just pretending to be happy, it’s changing the way you live for real.

It doesn’t work if you are not working on it, it’s like body building activity, training is the key.


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3 Responses

  1. arshad farooq says:

    Madam Louise has changed my life every time when I am under stress I listen her meditation and it always works.
    Louise Hay is a legend. God bless her.

  2. Jolanta says:

    Thank You so much.Jolanta

  3. Betsy McNeal says:

    I love Louise Hays affirmations and books have like 3 pictures

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