White noise: deep sleep

White noise can help us to sleep deeply?

Everyone needs to sleep well and wake up with energie and strength. But not always this is possible.
Stress, job, children, relationships, and a lot of thoughts keep us awake for hours sometimes.

The reason behind white noise’s ability to help in better sleep is that when your brain is focused on a singular sound, it tends to have a calming effect on your thoughts.
A similar experience takes place while listening to white noise in bed. Because your brain perceives sound even during sleep, steady, low-level noise helps block out distractions that might otherwise keep you awake.
The noise essentially blocks out ambient sounds that can pierce through silence and startle you. Something even as seemingly insignificant as a sheet of paper falling off a dresser can wake you in a quiet bedroom, but the sound of a radiator – which is a common source of white noise for people – can keep you sleeping through something as loud as a dog barking outside.

Here we go with on hour of white noise, ready to listen when you’re in bed.

For little babies, this is very used: children think they’re still in the mother’s womb, and they get fastly calm and relaxed.

Source: http://theriseandshine.com/can-white-noise-help-you-sleep-better/

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